Product: Dansko Professional Clogs

Price: $ 59.99- $255.48

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Material: 100% leather, Synthetic sole

My Rating; 9.5 out of 10


Dansko Professional Clogs Product Review

As a nurse for a long time now, one of the things that bothers me most are my feet. We are mostly on our feet and a lot of times it’s the last thing we pay attention to until they’re too sore. I remember when I would just wear gym or running shoes for work. With long hours of work, there were a lot of times I can hardly stand up and the sole and sides of my feet would hurt.

Fortunately ‘though when I was pregnant with my baby, I got a hold of one and I never used any other shoes for work ever. It is light (feels like you’re not wearing any shoes), soft and comfortable. The heel is just right which measures approximately 2″, platform measures approximately 0.75 inches and it has foam mid sole and leather foot bed that gives enough cushioning and support to reduce torque and provides stability.

With a profession like nursing, in which we find ourselves standing on our feet all day, we need comfortable footwear that is light and cool enough to prevent feet from getting tired, sweaty and smelly. That’s where Dansko Professional Clogs comes in, as it offers those and more.

Sure It is an Expensive Shoe, But It’s Durability is Magnificent

As I have mentioned above, the first time I started using Dansko Professional Clogs was when I was pregnant. I became so heavy that my heels and the sides of my feet were hurting so much that I needed a very comfortable shoe. As a nurse, life goes on. I still had to walk a lot to be able to get to one room of my patients to the other, go to different sections of the hospital, like the cafeteria, different departments and what have you, even though I was pregnant, so the value was well worth it. It provided me so much comfort on my feet that I didn’t mind walking so much. In fact, I love walking that’s why Dansko Professional Clog is my best friend.

Anyways, did I mention that that baby now is 13 years old but until now I still have my first Dansko Professional Clogs that I wore when I was pregnant with her. The good thing was, after 2 years, I got pregnant again. So I didn’t have to buy another one as it is so durable.

These shoes have been so dependable to me as I didn’t have to replace it so much. It saves me money and wearing these kinds of clogs makes one look more professional. And it gives me an extra inch or two that makes it convenient for my line of work as I can reach better and feel a little taller. Working in a big hospital with a lot of long hallways, Dansko Professional Clogs saves my feet from hurting and it gives me stability on my feet which makes it easier for me to fulfill the physical part of my job.

Four years ago ‘though, I bought a new one which was in brown. I decided to buy a new one as I wanted something that is not white for work and everyday wear. A variety of sort. I guess you could say I am hooked with these clogs.

It is Not Only For Work, But For Everything

Dansko Professional Clogs comes in different stylish designs and colors. Some are even embossed. So you can pair it with your favorite jeans or slacks for everyday wear like when going to grocery shops and or the mall where we tend to walk a lot. The design is classic and trendy in which you’ll never be out of style.

The colors vary from petrol patent, black box, black patent, antique brown oiled, white etc. Honestly, I’ve worn my Dansko clogs on different occasions especially when it requires a lot of walking.

Cleaning It Is Easy

Remove any dirt with a soft, damp cloth. Actually, due to the nature of our profession some nurses would use alcohol based wipes to clean theirs, which to me will probably be the best if your Dansko clog is colored white. For black and other colored ones, it is safe to just use a soft damp cloth.

The only downside with these shoes aside from being quite pricey is that it could form scuff marks which could be easily removed by applying a shoe polish on the area with a soft cloth.

The Verdict

I just love Dansko Professional clogs. The amount of comfort that it gives me is unbelievable. I truly believe in this shoe.

Maintaining the health of our feet is very important. With our feet being healthy that is free of calluses, blisters and pain helps improve the movement of our body. Our feet or our gait affects our back, hips, ankle and knees, so I hope you would choose wisely when buying shoe.

Some women still chooses beauty and looks before comfort and then there’s some who would choose shoes due to price. Our feet’s health and comfort is priceless..once an injury occurs, it maybe difficult to reverse the pain, so always choose wisely.

I hope you like this product review as much as I enjoyed doing it. It gives me much pleasure to endorse a product that I have been using and been benefiting from due to it’s high quality and durability. If you have any questions or want to share your own review of the product or if you have any comment please leave them down below.