Life has its ups and downs. Without those, life will be boring! Without the lows we wouldn’t be grateful when we are on top. Without the aim to be on top we wouldn’t endure all those lows.

Exactly the same season last year my personal life has turned upside down. I was not familiar to such feeling. I never knew how to handle it well because even though I’ve had trials in the past the intensity was different then.

In the past I  have my husband to hang onto most of the time. I was completely blown away and didn’t realize that there’s only  quite a few people that I could count on. It was very painful because those people that I thought could at least relate to me as they also have family were the same people that sort of shun my kids and me…My husband detached himself to us ( there’s a lot of reasons behind as he stated ) but the actions behind those reasons that he stated were not justifiable as we have a family! A family that we built for 20 years. We have a marriage that bore four beautiful children. Four beautiful children that rely on us. Four beautiful children that are imperfect but are beautiful inside and out.

I struggled as a mother and a wife during that time. My children struggled so much also which made my struggle as a mother even worst. I never could understand how people could underestimate the hurt that children bear. That during those times of needs will they not hear from their most loved aunts and uncles. My kids felt unloved and abandoned. They felt confused as to what wrong have they committed to deserve such actions. My older daughter once told me that her image issues has worsened because of that. She felt that she’s not enough, that no one likes her and that she’s the problem. That crushed me as a mother.

I will never wish that on anyone! With children it’s harder to make them understand why things like that happened or is happening and so they tend to blame themselves. With that comes all kinds of issues which leads to depression and anxiety. So is a mother to be blame for coming out? I believe more and more of these stories has to come out to prevent these issues from happening. For the discussion to keep going on how to take relationships seriously and with care , especially those with children so as to safeguard their feelings and or self esteem.

So what brought me here? The pain and experiences brought me here. I’m tougher and I have more wisdom that were gained from those experiences. Those experiences led me to pray and fight harder because I knew no matter what happens, I’ll have to make sure that the devil is not going  to ruin our family.

Sure I held grudges for I am not a saint but slowly I am trying to forgive but I can’t promise that I’ll forget easily especially when those people that have acted wrongly are not remorseful. We all makes mistakes but it is through acknowledgement of our wrong actions will we regain other people’s trust.

I’m here because I wanted to share this story as we live in a world where relationships are always taken for granted. I’m here because I know that I can share some insights on LIFE combined with my experiences as a nurse which I’ll be dissecting into relationships, team work, balancing life and work etc.

So welcome to my website. I could say that with what  life has taught me I can consider myself a “ Guru” on this. Please ask me questions and I’ll answer it to the best of my ability or just leave a comment or message down below.


Nida V.