Nursing Is A Work Of Heart

diversity with patients

Holistic Approach in Nursing

We all are unique. Psychologically, physically, intellectually, financially, emotionally, culturally…name it, we all are different. In a given moment of time each one of us are in a different stage or phases in our lives. Thus, careful analysis and data gathering is very crucial in approaching nursing care. According to Dr. Susan S. Blum who …

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How to Appreciate Nurses

When you get in contact with any nurses’ may they be retired or not, please give them a pat on the back because we seldom get them. And those that have  retired ….chances are, they didn’t get much of those before neither. The nursing profession is one of the most unappreciated profession and so as …

About Me

About me

Hi there! If we haven’t met yet, my name is Nida. RN by profession and a stay at home mom. Mind you the stay at home mom part is a new career for me as I would like to indulge more on my passion of sharing and helping through writing and blogging while tending for …

About Me

How Did I Get Here

Life has its ups and downs. Without those, life will be boring! Without the lows we wouldn’t be grateful when we are on top. Without the aim to be on top we wouldn’t endure all those lows. Exactly the same season last year my personal life has turned upside down. I was not familiar to …